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Other software systems make you create your own workflow and then put it into their complicated system… ShootFlow gives you the workflow. ShootFlow is every task, every email, every marketing strategy that has helped some of the industry’s leading photographers build successful businesses:

Zach & Jody


Zach & Jody

Implemented the complete system in ShootFlow and went from grossing $24k their first year in business to making a six-figure income in the next.

Amy & Jordan

Amy & Jordan

Utilized the marketing strategies provided in ShootFlow and turned their brand into one of the fastest and most visible brands in the industry, with a fully booked calendar and their work being featured in People Magazine.

Luke & Cat

Luke & Cat

Applied the sales systems given inside of ShootFlow, and grossed over $1 million in their studio over the course of 3 years.

For Full-Time or Part-Time Photographers

Whatever your goal is, whether it’s getting to six figures in the first year or having more time to spend with family, ShootFlow will help you get there.

Kiss Hours of Setup Goodbye

Other systems take weeks or months to set up. ShootFlow is the opposite. ShootFlow takes 30 minutes from Sign Up to Setup.

This is Your Happily Ever After

The work has been done for you, so you don’t have to do it, but if you want to service other client types and create your own workflows, you can do that too!

ShootFlow provides you with everything you need to run your wedding brand, in the order and precise timing it needs to be completed – all tasks, emails, contracts, reminders, questionnaires, you name it. No clients will ever fall through the cracks, you will never wonder what needs to be done next, your business will grow through continual referrals because of a job well done, and the Force will be with you always. 🙂

ShootFlow Includes


The Proven MasterFlow System

(over 70+ tasks)  Every task you need to not only take care of each client, but generate continual referrals is already in ShootFlow… and yes, you can customize and add your own tasks.


Client Emails 

No longer wonder what to say, when to say it, or how to say it. ShootFlow gives you all the emails you send to your clients… and yes, these are also customizable to your own studio!



Increase your booking rate with ShootFlow’s unique and simple step-by-step lead workflow designed to help you book more weddings, and to never have a lead fall through the cracks again.


Photography Timelines 

Utilizing your clients’ unique questionnaire responses, ShootFlow automatically builds your wedding day timeline, allowing you to edit, proof and approve it with your bride with a few clicks of a button.


Vendor MarketingFlow

Keep your vendors thinking about you, talking about you, and referring you with the simple, yet effective vendor connection reminders.


Task Calendar

See all of your tasks for each day, appointments and booked shoots, and see your days off.


In the Cloud

Always have everything you need at your fingertips.


Custom Contact Form 

This form filters leads through ShootFlow’s unique qualification system, helping you to focus on the best potential clients.


Client Questionnaires 

Easily gather every critical piece of data from your clients and have it automatically drop back into their workflow. Hours saved. Bam.


Strategic Pricing System

Take advantage of ShootFlow’s proven pricing structure that can increase your income.


Digital Wedding Contract

Book your client online, and yup, ShootFlow even provides the contract. Legal worries are over. You’re welcome.


Over 25 Bonus Teaching Videos 

Learn from top photographers, Zach & Jody Gray as they guide you through the why of some of the most beneficial tasks in the MasterFlow.

Our Users’ Favorite Features!!

Computer Screen Shot

Simple to Use Interface  Never let software be confusing to look at or overwhelm you again. Dare we say, ShootFlow is easier to use than even your iPhone? Action Panel  All tasks can be taken care of from the myFlow main page. No need to visit other areas of the site to complete what needs to get done. Dynamic SmartTasks  Not only does ShootFlow give you just the tasks that need to be completed for that day, all the masterFlow tasks also flex and move based on how far out each client’s wedding is booked, and adjust accordingly around your days off. Lead Integration  Leads flow directly into ShootFlow, and the leadFlow system guides you through the step-by-step process to turn them into a paying client.

What Others Are Saying

nikdanaSimple Setup

LOVE the setup…it is so easy and has taken me less than 20 minutes! – Nik & Dana, Ilo Photography

Money Maker

ShootFlow is pretty much a 6 figure income making machine in your laps!!! All you have to do is show up and shoot!! – Luke & Ashley, Luke & Ashley Photography

Time Saver

This program is just incredible! The contract, questionnaires, and other content is well-written, professional, and perfect for the mama business owners like me that need to get tasks done quickly! – Bethanne, Bethanne Arthur Photography

Sets Photographers Apart

This is the studio management system I have been longing for… The content is clean and easy to use. There are new ideas presented in the flow that will set your business apart. I see this as a must -have tool for growth, productivity, and work-life balance. – Manda, Manda Weaver Photography

Easy to Use

Very clean and intuitive and simple. This pretty much runs your business for you. – Andrew, Andrew & Tianna Photography

Elevates Your Brand

My first impression of ShootFlow was “wow!”. To have a system that effectively tracks your wedding process from leads right through to completion is amazing. – Nathan & Breanna, Avodah Photography and Design